Sweden Innovation Days

17-19 November 2020

Welcome to a three-day worldwide online event around one of the hottest topics of our times: artificial intelligence!

  • Learn more about the Swedish strategy, the national AI ecosystem and its challenges
  • Listen to thought leaders from the industry, public sector and academia talk about key AI focus areas
  • Get inspired by successful collaboration stories
  • Learn how to innovate and collaborate with startups 
  • Learn how to improve your B2B sales on the masterclass for startups 
  • Discover top innovation hubs from Sweden and around the globe
  • And last but absolutely not least,  the world’s largest matchmaking ever between enterprises and startups will take place during the event!

Innovative clusters from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, and the USA join forces with leading hubs from Sweden such as Automation Region, Create Business Incubator, Kista Science City, LEAD, Lindholmen Science Park AB, Linköping Science Park, Minc, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Sting, THINGS, and Uminova Innovation to co-host this unique event.

Sweden Innovations Days are organized by AI Sweden, The Swedish Energy Agency - Energimyndigheten, Ignite Sweden, SISP - Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, and Vinnova - Sweden's Innovation Agency.

Join this global experience on 17-19 November!

Day 1: AI Sweden - The Talks

Transforming Sweden in the rising era of AI
through national and international collaboration

With industry and innovation in focus, we will show the amazing power of Sweden as an AI & innovative nation. Through keynote lectures and panel discussions, thought leaders from industry, public sector, and academia will give their view of the Swedish strategy, the AI ecosystem and its challenges. You will learn how you can collaborate in the ongoing transformation, get insights into the areas we are working on and get inspiration from the real world.

Date & Time: 17 November - 14.00 - 19.00 CET
Format: Online, with tracks on key focus areas
Free registration

Program for Day 1

What is currently happening in the Swedish AI Ecosystem? Hear from some of our Swedish thought leaders and what they think about the future of both society and AI. We will complement with international keynote speakers - who all will give their view on the development of AI and innovation within all of the six tracks. 

Track 1 - National strategy:                                      14.00 - 15.05 hrs CET
Track 2 - AI for industry:                                             15.05 - 16.05 hrs CET
Track 3 - Transforming healthcare:                       16.05 - 17.20 hrs CET
Track 4 - Sustainability and climate change:    17.20 - 17.50 hrs CET
Track 5 - Tomorrow's mobility:                               17.50 - 18.35 hrs CET
Track 6 - Our future democracy                              18.35 - 19.30 hrs CET
(Time schedule might be subject to minor changes.)

Track 1 – National strategy

Innovation plays an important role in how competitive a nation stays over time - and it is important for the quality of life for a nation's citizens. Being one of the most innovative countries in the world, the Swedish national strategy for driving innovation is of special interest. Will Sweden stay competitive and innovative also in the future?

On the same note we are also in - what many express as - a global race of AI. Therefore we will have a closer look at the AI strategy of two of the world leading nations within the field - Canada and Japan - and compare them to what is happening in the Nordics.

Ibrahim Baylan - Swedish Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation
Darja Isaksson - Vinnova, Sweden's Innovation Agency
Daniel Gillblad - AI Sweden & RISE, Sweden
Jordan Zed - Innovation, Science and Economic Dev. Canada
Hiroaki Kitano - Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Japan
Sara Mazur - WASP, Sweden

Track 2 – AI for industry

Tech is changing the game for many companies, so also for industry. With the rising era of AI, enterprises and industrial companies are making use of machine learning and other technologies within the field to transform their operations. AI has the potential to transform the industrial world and in this track we will listen to thought leaders in the field on what they are doing and how they are transforming.

Elena Fersman & Ulrika Jägare - Ericsson, Sweden
Marcus Liwicki - Luleå University, Sweden
Dörte Nielandt - Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany
Amy Loutfi - Örebro University, Sweden
Amitabh Kant - Indian institute of Technology, India
Silvio Meira - The Digital Strategy company, Brazil

Track 3 – Transforming healthcare

AI can lead to improved healthcare and increase the productivity and efficiency of the healthcare sector. It has the potential to improve the day-to-day life of healthcare practitioners, letting them spend more time caring for patients and saving more lives. But we also have to ask ourselves if we focus enough on keeping people healthy, or if some things need to improve? And could it then be done with the help of AI?

Magnus Bergendahl - Sahlgrenska Science park, Sweden
Markus Lingman - Region Halland, Sweden
Ebba Carbonnier - SweLife, Sweden
Leif Nordlund - Nvidia, Sweden
Minhong Yang - Lunit, South Corea
Peder Blomgren - AstraZeneca, Sweden

Track 4 – Sustainable energy and fighting climate change

We need to act now to reverse the damage we’ve done to our planet - to be able to have thriving societies in the future. Technology and the transformation towards a greener world are probably the most important keys in fighting climate change. In this track we will listen to what role businesses and the use of AI can play.

Victor Galaz - Stockholm Resiliance Centre, Sweden
Andreas Stubelius, Swedish Energy Agency, Sweden
Linda Leopold - H&M group, Sweden
Johan Granström - ABB, Sweden
Shilpa Kolhatkar - Nvidia, USA

Track 5 – Tomorrow’s mobility

Autonomous and flying cars has been on the agenda for decades - but how far have we come and what do the major Swedish players view as tomorrow's mobility? In this track we will explore how leaders from the industry see transportation and mobility change in the near future.

Sofie Vennersten - Drive Sweden, Sweden
Anna Westerberg - Volvo Group, Sweden
Linnea Kornehed - Einride, Sweden
Olof Johansson - Swedish Transport Administration, Sweden
Anoop Chawla - Indian Institute of Technology, India
Anat Lea Bonshtien - Prime Minister Office, Israel

Track 6 – Our future democracy (closing discussion)

All of the changes and innovation happening in different sectors will also transform the society we live and work in. From new services and products to completely new ways of doing things and moving in cities. So how does this new world look and what do we need to be extra cautious (or curious) about? In this track we will discuss what the impact of Artificial Intelligence really can have on society - and the future of democracy.

Virginia Dignum - WASP, Sweden
Mikael Hagström - World Economic Forum
Henri Verdier - Government office, France

Day 2: The Ignite Conference

How to succeed in startup + corporate collaboration

Get inspired by the best collaborative practices and learn how to innovate together with AI startups during this interactive conference.

The program of the conference includes:

  • Case presentations: Real collaborative cases between corporations, public sector organisations, and AI startups. ABB, Alfa Laval, FLIR Systems, IBM and the municipality of Uppsala will share their collaboration stories with AI startups.
  • A deep talk on innovation with Darja Isaksson, Director General at Vinnova - Sweden's Innovation Agency, and Robert Andrén, Director General at the Swedish Energy Agency
  • Introduction by Marie Wall, startup expert at the Ministry of Enterprise of Sweden
  • Pitches by AI startups from 10 countries

The day includes side-events such as:

  • Corporate workshop: How to innovate and collaborate with an AI startup
  • Masterclass for startups – how to improve B2B sales. By Startup Sweden.
  • Innovation Ecosystem International Benchmark: a break-out session for incubators and science parks from Sweden, France and Germany (click here for more info and registration)
  • An international talent matchmaking (click here for more info)
  • Local events at the co-hosts innovation clusters

We are inviting:

  • Corporates
  • Public Sector 
  • Startups/SME
  • Incubators
  • Innovation Clusters
  • Government Agencies
  • Research Institutes 

Date: 18 November

The Conference: 14.00 - 17.30 CET
Side events: The majority of these events will take place during the morning (Swedish time) but there might be others that will be held after the event to adjust them to their local time. More information will be provided soon. 

Note that some local events might be held on-site.

Free registration

Day 3: The Ignite Matchday

The world’s largest tailored startup + corporate
matchmaking ever!

120+ selected AI startups from Sweden and beyond will have the chance to meet over 75 corporates and public sector organisations from all around the globe in 400+ pre-booked curated matchmaking meetings!

Applications for the matchmaking session are now closed. But you can still register to join these two side activities open for everyone:

  • An online discovery journey of 23 highly innovative hubs from Sweden and 9 countries (Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea, and the USA)
  • Presentations and Q&A on the funding and future network opportunities offered by every participating country. By Vinnova and international funding institutes

Date & Time: 19 November - 6.00 - 22.00 CET
Format: Online
Free registration

Program for Day 3

Funding and future network opportunities

Interested in deepening collaborations with contacts you develop during Sweden Innovation Days? Join this session held by Vinnova for great information on funding and organized network possibilities!

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about relevant funding programs and potential future activities you can get involved in around the world.

10.00- 10.30
Japan, South Korea & India
Israel, France & Germany
Brazil, Canada & the USA
*Times are in Central European Time

Online discovery journey of innovative hubs around the world

Times are in Central European Time.

Japan (international hub to be defined)
Salgrenska Science Park, Testa Center and AstraZeneca's BioVentureHub (Gothenburg, Sweden)
K Startup Center (South Korea)
Minc (Malmö, Sweden)
Nasscom Center of Excellence-IoT & AI (India)
Lindholmen Science Park (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Start-Up Nation Central (Israel)
Energimyndigheten - Swedish Energy Agency
Svenska Mässan - The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre
Interactive lunch
Things & Sting (Stockholm, Sweden)
UnternehmerTUM (Germany)
Kista Science City (Stockholm, Sweden)
Hub France AI (France)
Swedish interactive fika
Linköping Science Park & LEAD (Linköping, Sweden)
Tecnosinos (Brazil)
Mobility X Lab (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Uminova Innovation (Umeå, Sweden)
DMZ (Canada)
Västmanland Region, Create Business Incubator & Automation Region (Västerås, Sweden)
Nordic Innovation House - Silicon Valley (USA)
Wrap up

Speakers - AI Talks - 17 November

Amitabh Kant
CEO, NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India)

Read more

Amy Loutfi
Professor in Information Technology, Örebro University

Read more

Anat Lea Bonshtien
Chairman and Director of the Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative, Israel Prime Minister's Offic

Read more

Andreas Stubelius
Senior portfolio manager, Swedish Energy Agency

Read more

Anna Westerberg
SVP Connected Solutions, Volvo

Read more

Anoop Chawla
Professor, Indian Institute of Technology

Read more

Aurore Belfrage
Program host

Read more

Daniel Gillblad
Co-Director Scientific Vision, AI Sweden

Read more

Darja Isaksson
Director General, Vinnova – Sweden's Innovation Agency

Read more

Dörte Nielandt
Deputy Head of Division Artificial Intelligence, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany

Read more

Ebba Carbonnier
Portfolio Manager, SweLife

Read more

Elena Fersman
Director of AI Research, Ericsson

Read more

Henri Verdier
Ambassador for Digital affairs, French Government office

Read more

Hiroaki Kitano
President & CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories

Read more

Ibrahim Baylan
Swedish Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation

Read more

Johan Granström
Partnerships & Business Development Manager, ABB

Read more

Jordan Zed
Government of Canada

Read more

Leif Nordlund
AI Healthcare and Life Sciences Research lead Nordics, Nvidia

Read more

Linda Leopold
Head of AI policy, H&M

Read more

Linnea Kornehed
Co-Founder & CMO, Einride

Read more

Magnus Bergendahl
Head of developement, Sahlgrenska Science park, Sweden

Read more

Markus Lingman
Chief Strategy Officer, Region Halland

Read more

Marcus Liwicki
Chaired Professor of Machine Learning, Luleå University of Technology

Read more

Mikael Hagström
Board Member & PE Advisor, AI Forum & PlanetSmartCity

Read more

Olof Johansson
Program Director, Swedish Transport Administration

Read more

Peder Blomgren
Vice President and Head of Data Office, R&D, AstraZeneca

Read more

Peter Lindberg
EUREKA National Project Coordinator, Vinnova – Sweden's Innovation Agency

Read more

Regina Summer
Programme Manager, International Cooperation, Vinnova – Sweden's Innovation Agency

Read more

Sara Mazur
Vice Chairman Of The Board, WASP

Read more

Shilpa Kolhatkar
AI Nations and Smart Cities Business Development at NVIDIA

Read more

Silvio Meira
Chief Scientist at The Digital Strategy Company / Professor at Cesar School (Brazil)

Read more

Sofie Vennersten
Director, Drive Sweden

Read more

Ulrika Jägare
Head of AI/ML Strategy Execution, Ericsson

Read more

Victor Galaz
Deputy Director, Stockholm Resiliance Center

Read more

Virginia Dignum
Professor Ethical and Social Artificial Intelligence, WASP

Read more

Speakers - The Ignite Conference - 18 November

Anders Alneng
Vice President Sales, Ekkono Solutions

Read more

Anders Nyander
Concept Project Manager, Alfa Laval

Read more

Darja Isaksson
Director General, Vinnova – Sweden's Innovation Agency

Read more

Jonathan Selbie
CEO, Univrses

Read more

Katrin Strandemar
Director of Innovation & Technology, FLIR Systems

Read more

Maria Olofsson
Operation Manager, Uminova Innovation

Read more

Marie Wall
Startup expert, Ministry of Enterprise of Sweden

Read more

Robert Andrén
Director General, The Swedish Energy Agency

Read more

Stina Lantz
Program Manager, Ignite Sweden

Read more

Urban Roth
Head of Startup with IBM accelerator Sweden

Read more


Date & Time:

Day 1: AI Sweden - The Talks
17 November, 14.00 - 19.30 CET
Free registration

Day 2 - The Ignite Conference
18 November
The Conference: 14.00 - 17.30 CET
The side-events will take place before and after the conference, according to local times. 
Free registration

Day 3 - The Ignite Matchday 
19 November, 6.00 - 22.00 CET
Free registration


Most of the activities that will take place during the event will be online. 
Some local events might take place on-site in different venues around Sweden and the world. More details will be provided closer to the date of the event. 


Please contact sid@ignitesweden.org